Project Outline 

EP: What Now?

4 tracks

Artist: Buried Blonde

Vox/Rhythm Guitar - Lauren Flynn

Lead Guitar - Nick Kurtz

Drums: Mike Holm

Bass: Robert Wells

Songs written and arranged by: Lauren Flynn

The demo recordings below might be in a different key than the description.  The correct key is in the description, not the audio.

These demos are to demonstrate the basic structure of the song. the final recording of each song will have all four instruments and  a different intro/outro than what's below, currently being worked out in rehearsals. See general arrangement notes under each song for details.

A list of gear used by each person is listed after the songs. To jump to it, click here.

VIDEO: To jump to the Hidden Door set from 6/30, Click here.

like a scar.originalBuried Blonde
00:00 / 03:06

Track Number: 1

Title: like a scar

Tempo: 155

Chords: Verse: F# -  A     Chorus: D -  A -  E -  F#

General Arrangement Notes: Starts off right at the first verse, drummer counts us in. Steady verses, loud and dynamic choruses. Guitar solo in middle set to verse/chorus pattern. Last chorus repeats, followed by an instrumental break, then outro vocals to end. Drums will be prominent in the mix.


Rhythm Guitar: distortion

Lead Guitar: the bends!

Drums: 110%


what nowBuried Blonde
00:00 / 03:33

Track Number: 2

Title: what now

Tempo: 144

Chords: A -   E - Bm 

General Arrangement Notes: Starts with first measure rhythm guitar only, bass joins on second measure, everybody on three. First chorus does not repeat (So What Now x1). Goes right into second verse. Chorus x2. Solo in middle, back to verse 3 then chorus. Outro with repeating chorus and layered vocals, exactly like it is here in the demo. Song ends with just the bass riff, like it does here in the demo. Bass will be prominent in the mix.


Rhythm Guitar:

Lead Guitar:



supply and demandBuried Blonde
00:00 / 04:22

Track Number: 3

Title: supply and demand 

Tempo: 101

Chords: Am - G  -  D     over and over

General Arrangement Notes: Starts gradually with just rhythm guitar, then lead guitar comes in, then rhythm section. Very jammy and dreamy. Same verse repeats twice with room in the middle to jam. Outro layered vocals and fade out.


Rhythm Guitar: Clean. Maybe acoustic.

Lead Guitar:



cut the cordBuried Blonde
00:00 / 04:58

Track Number: 4

Title: cut the cord 

Tempo: 141

Chords: Verse:  G -C   PreChorus: D- Am- C - D   Chorus:  Em-C-D

General Arrangement Notes: Starts with all 4 instruments together. Verse and pre-chorus are pretty steady, then the chorus explodes. (In the acoustic version I did this by playing chords very staccato and muted for the verse and prechorus then harder strumming for the chorus, then right back to the stacatto sstrumming for the next verse.) Last chorus explodes with vocals jumping up an octave and dynamic picks up. Song ends just like it does here in the demo with the last phrase of the last chorus isolated vocals + lead guitar.  


Rhythm Guitar:

Lead Guitar:




Gear Rundown


Nick Kurtz, Lead Guitar - 1990 Gibson Les Paul classic with a pair of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups. He runs it through a Boss Kitana 1x12 100w amp, which has a line out for recording.

Robert Wells, Bass - custom 4 string American Fender Jazz Deluxe w/aguilar hum cancelling pickups and John East J-retro deluxe pre amp. Compressor: Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass compressor  Amp: Mesa Boogie Subway 800+ (800 watts @ 2 ohms)   Cabinet: Mesa Boogie Subway 115 (400 watt @ 8 ohm)

Lauren Flynn, Rhythm Guitar: Acoustic Martin DX-1 w/Fishman Piezo pickup. Electric: Crate Electra Super Strat . Both with an Ibanez Tubescreamer 

Lauren Flynn, Vox - performs with a TC Helicon, mostly Spring Reverb and Cavernous Reverb. Loves reverb.

Mike Holm, Drums:

- drumset is breakbeats by questlove from Ludwig. 16” kick, 14” floor, 10” rack, remo vintage emperor black suede heads, Aquarian super kick

- snare is the one included from the breakbeats kit with remo coated ambassador head and Vic firth snare wires 14”x5.5”


- dampening I have a 14” studio ring, a pack of moon gels. The toms have cotton balls in them and the kick has a pillow in it. The kick does not have a port hole cut in the front head. 


- cymbals below are some selections that I’ll have on hand. I have more but I only play with two crashes and single ride and single hats typically


Byzance extra dry hi-hats 14”

Sabian AA medium hats 14”

Byzance extra dry crash 18”

Zildjian A custom fast crash 18”

Sabian AAX crash 16”

Byzance Benny grab sand crash ride with rivets 22”

Istanbul mehmet sultan ride 22”

Zildjian K Custom Dark ride 20”

Zildjian zbt China splash 10”

+ more


My footprint is 5’x7’


I’m considering buying another kit and considering options currently. I can accelerate this process as needed for the sound. I’m probably going for an 18 or 20” kick. I’m also considering an aluminum snare, the Yamaha recording custom sounds pretty great to my ears. 


Hidden Door - 6/30/21

Start Times:

Like A Scar   2:40

What Now  6:30

Cut The Cord 11:08